They are accidentally doing it wrong so I tried to help

So I was on twitter today (an infrequent occurrence) and I noticed that one of the actors in the touring US Les Mis cast posted this:

[a photo of the Les Mis touring cast wearing blue holding a poster with the autism speaks logo, attached to a tweet reminding that April is autism awareness month and saying to wear blue on April 2]

I follow a bunch of autistic people on Tumblr who talk about this kind of thing sometimes and I’ve done a bit of research and so I know that Autism Speaks is pretty terrible. So I tweeted at him:

a link to the controversy section of the Autism Speaks wikipedia page, a link to a blog post cataloguing some Autism Speaks badness, and a link to Autistic Self Advocacy Network. goo.gl/LeFR1, goo.gl/KRMjg, goo.gl/U8vX8.

Here’s hoping he sees it.

Would anyone be OK with telling me if I handled this the right way? If I overstepped or if there’s something else I should have done? I would appreciate that very much.